5 Website Speed Optimisation Tips From SEO Specialist

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Even though you have a good amount of backlinks and high-quality content, isn’t your website displaying well in search results? Then, on the other hand, when you put your site using a tool that assesses its performance, none of the suggestions make any sense at all, despite the fact that you assume that your site’s slow loading speed is to blame for your static rankings. There are various tasks that anyone including non-technical marketers and business owners can do to speed up their websites’ loading speed without touching a line of website code. Yet, you may ultimately need the assistance of a technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist and some knowledgeable developers to identify and correct all of the problems that are slowing down your webpages’ load speeds.

We consulted our SEO specialist in Singapore at W360 to get their best advice on how to increase website speed without the assistance of developers, and all of these techniques can be used by anyone without any technical expertise. In this article, we will share their advice and tips with you.

Things to do to improve your site’s loading speed

  1. Check the speed of your site.

Finding out if there is a problem that needs to be rectified is the first step in speeding up your website. You can find out how long it takes for your site and its pages to load by running it through a page speed testing tool and in an SEO audit.

  1. Turn on compression

Reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that are more than 150 bytes using the file compression program called Gzip. However, this program should not be used on picture files. Instead, you should compress images in a tool like Photoshop where you can still edit the image’s quality.

  1. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS minification

Your page speed can be significantly increased by optimizing your code which includes deleting commas, spaces, and other unneeded characters. Additionally, eliminate formatting, unneeded code, and code comments. According to  Google, it is recommended to use UglifyJS and CSSNano for this process.

  1. Minimal redirects (reroutes)

Your visitor must wait longer for the HTTP request-response cycle to finish each time a page switches to another page. Therefore, each of those two additional redirects slows down the loading of your page on the web browser.

  1. Benefit from browser caching

Browsers save a lot of data including stylesheets, pictures, JavaScript files, etc. so that they don’t have to reload the entire page when a visitor returns to your website. Check to determine if your cache already has an expiration date by using a program like YSlow. Then indicate how long you want to see that data to be cached in your “expires” header. In many instances, a year is a suitable amount of time, barring frequent modifications to your site’s design.

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