6 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your B2B PPC Leads

Business-to-business (B2B) pay-per-click (PPC) leads are different from business-to-consumer (B2C) leads. That’s because B2B leads typically don’t result in direct and immediate actions such as purchases.

Instead, B2B PPC ads are usually created with the aim of increasing brand awareness and educating potential buyers about the importance of a product or service to their business needs.

In turn, the performance of B2B PPC ads is gauged not only by the number of conversions produced but by the quality of leads obtained as well. Much like with B2C PPC ads, lousy B2B ads produce poor quality leads and vice versa. In any case, an effective campaign is certain to help one achieve higher-quality leads.

So, if you’re wondering about how you can go about boosting the calibre of your B2B ads, take a look at the ideas below:

  1. Customise Your Landing Page

Every B2B PPC ad created needs to have an accompanying landing page, not just a homepage or section page with tons of links and forms to fill.

A proper landing page is one that is customised to match the message in the ad and will usually state how the service or product works in more detail. Sometimes, information about recent promotions (such as a free demo) can be made available too.

However, it’s important to take note that, with B2B ads, the landing page’s primary focus should be on helping the visitor to understand the product or service better. This is because purchase decisions are less likely to be immediate.

Additionally, the page should be specific enough to help you weed out leads that might have clicked on the ad by mistake whilst leaving you with those that are truly interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Create a Buyer Persona 

Poor quality leads come about when ads are shown to the wrong people. Understanding your potential clients is essential in creating ads that appeal directly to the desired target audience, which will, in turn, result in high-quality leads.

And to better understand the kind of customers that your service or product might appeal to, experts suggest creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictitious representation of an ideal customer that you’ve formulated based on research done. It allows you to highlight factors such as the age, nationality, job and geographical location of a potential client, all of which will help you understand the kind of problem they might have. This will then assist you in identifying what kind of product they are looking for.

Further, you can use the persona to help you edit your existing keyword selection and figure out new ones that are likely to be used by your potential clients. A better understanding of your customers and their problems will help you to garner better quality leads.

  1. Write Specific B2B Ad Copies

The best B2B leads come from ads that explain their service or product such that potential customers are able to gauge its usefulness in solving their problems.

Experts recommend writing compelling ad copy that explains the benefits clients can expect from the advertised product or service, right from the headlines down to the landing pages.

Say you sell payroll management software and you expect potential customers to be business owners with payroll management issues. Your B2B ad copy should then mention that problem and show how your payroll management software will solve their problem with ease. Keep in mind that companies interested in B2B services usually require more technical information regarding the product, generally for comparison purposes.

In some cases, experts recommend highlighting the specifics of a company that will find the service useful, such as size, type of industry, nature, location, etc. By being this specific with your ad copy, you’ll be able to funnel in leads that have a genuine interest in your products.

  1. Test, Test and Test 

PPC advertising gives you room to make changes to poorly performing ads whenever you want. As such, if you are getting only poor quality leads from your B2B ads, testing each ad before publishing is the way to change course.

Each keyword in a specific keyword group should be tested for a period to see how it performs. Those that attract the kind of leads you want to get should have their bids increased, and those that don’t should be tweaked and retested. If they fail to perform, then you should consider removing those keywords completely.

Further, you should also look out for the keywords your competitors are using and test them with your copy too. It’s all about testing with PPC ads because what works today may not work tomorrow.

  1. Start Remarketing

Remarketing, commonly known as retargeting, is another way of improving your B2B leads. It mainly involves reordering your campaign such that you focus your ads on individuals that have previously checked out your ad or bounced off your landing page. The idea is that such individuals are more likely to be interested in your brand but just haven’t made a decision yet. But if you’re new to the process, don’t worry, because Google Adwords has useful features in place to help with this.

Remarketing is hugely popular among PPC marketers, with at least an estimated 80% of them making use of this tactic. This just goes to show the effectiveness of such efforts in producing quality leads. Don’t miss out.

  1. Use Better-Targeted Keywords (and Remove the Irrelevant Ones)

A single keyword can mean the difference between an ad that gets a ton of clicks or an ad that performs disastrously. Typically, an over-usage of broad match keywords is one way to attract poor quality leads and damage your PPC campaign.

As such, in a bid to choose the right keywords, PPC campaign managers must first understand their audiences as discussed above in point 2. Then, they’ll have to create different, smaller ad groups with different keywords specific to the target audience before testing the performance of each. Any keywords found to be underperforming should be removed and replaced with better-performing ones.

Additionally, another tip that could help you in creating better-targeted keywords would be to use tools that allow you to check out your competitors’ keywords. Doing so will aid you in gauging whether certain keywords will perform.


As shown above, improving the quality of your B2B PPC ad leads is most definitely possible. It may take some work and dedication to get it right, but the final results are always worth it.