Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Use It Wisely

Common Mistakes

A successful dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is surely attainable, but you have to be aware of the common mistakes when using it to achieve maximum results. These mistakes can make a large impact on your text ad and eventually hurt rather than help improve your click-through and conversion rates; thus, we share these mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Showing Misspelled Keywords

Misspelled Keywords

When it comes to paid search advertising, you only have a small snippet of text – only 30 characters to win over potential customers. You need to create a text ad and insert keywords that are clear and correct. You have to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, misspelled keywords can destroy your credibility and make you appear sloppy, lazy, and unprofessional.

Let’s say that a user is looking for a wedding venue. Would he or she trust the big day of his or her life to a company whose text ad is written with blatant spelling errors? How about a learning center who misspells “children”? The user might not click the ad and look for a different school or center.

How to avoid this: Always run a spell check. You may also ask a friend or colleague to go over your keywords. When you have more than one pair of eyes, errors are more likely to be caught and corrected before the final implementation. Also, be careful with your grammar. Be sure that your keywords agree with your syntax.

Mistake #2: Creating One-Word Headlines

One-Word Headlines

A text ad with a single-word or one-word headline looks spammy and weak when compared to your competitors who are using DKI better than you. Remember that it is the headline text that users usually notice first, and it should always be easy to read and pleasing to the eyes. It is important, therefore, to add a headline that actively promotes your product or service for maximum exposure.

How to avoid this: Take advantage of the 30 character limit. Don’t waste this opportunity to make your ad more relevant to users searching for the product or service you offer. You may use active verbs like “Purchase” or “Buy” to complement your keywords.

Mistake #3: Using the Wrong DKI Code


A small mistake like inserting the code incorrectly can be detrimental to how your text ads appear. The proper code or formula is {keyword:default text}. For example, if you are advertising a coffee shop and you misspell “keyword” within the insertion code or replace it with “DKI” instead, your text ad will display like this and make no sense at all:

Buy {KyWord:Coffee}  or Buy {DKI:Coffee}

How to avoid this: Be extra careful in using the DKI Code. Spell words correctly, use braces {}, and never add a space between “keyword” and the colon.

Mistake #4: Using DKI On Competitor Keywords

DKI Memes
Webnatics - Search result

Imitation is usually the best form of flattery but in this instance using DKI while bidding on your competitor keywords and showing their brands on your ad text looks simply unprofessional. It could be worse as you could potentially land yourself into the legal hot soup if their name/brand happens to be trademarked.

How to avoid this: Separate these competitor brand terms into an ad group/campaign and be sure to remove DKI from the ad copies as you do not carry or represent these brands.

Stay Relevant at All Times!

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