Quiz: How Much Do You Know about the Latest in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to staying relevant in the eyes of customers, it is necessary for you to be updated about the latest trends in Digital Marketing. Want to test yourself and see how much you know so far? Knowing what’s necessary for this year also allows you to become more agile and strategic in implementing your campaigns.

So, here are some test questions to check how much you truly know when it comes to Digital Marketing. Ready? Let’s begin.

  1. True or False: It’s okay to sit out “Mobilfication.”

Answer: False

No matter what your industry is, it’s never a good idea to skip your research when it comes to Mobile Marketing. Pay attention to how people communicate, connect and amuse themselves these days. If you haven’t checked on how you can benefit from marketing via mobile phones, you’re probably missing out on a golden earning opportunity and a chance to improve your branding.

  1. True or False: Chatbots can fast-track your purchases.

Answer: True

You wouldn’t want to waste precious customer service efforts answering standard questions. With the rise of online shopping and other forms of digital transactions, you can have chatbots to immediately answer your customers’ queries. This way, your customer service representatives can focus their energy on more complicated customer concerns.

  1. True or False: People don’t read online reviews.

Answer: False

Again, Amazon and other online stores thrive on the community that has grown out of its services. If you think reviews don’t really add up to your image or reputation, it’ll be a good idea to think again. Ratings and the number of stars you have can be deal breakers. These are potentially major factors that can determine whether your prospective buyers will click on your product or not. For more scrutinising customers and complicated purchases, reviews matter a lot. This is because they help when it comes to gauging purchase and user expectations.

  1. True or False: Social Media Influencers are unnecessary.

Answer: False

While Social Media mentions or product features don’t necessarily translate to sales, did you know employing influencers could potentially enhance your content? This happens through influencer reviews of your product, the sharing of a how-to video, or even mere mentions of your brand. Engaging social media influencers can create a large difference, especially when you’d like to main visibility with respect to your clients. Trust is built over time. When your customers see their favourite personalities talk about you in a positive light, that will translate into an increase in trust in your brand.

  1. True or False: Artificial Intelligence can only take you so far.

Answer: True…and False

It’s quite inspiring to see how software products can be created to support a company’s marketing efforts. These products can measure the level of engagement your site has with customers and even predict or recommend the best set of strategies you should implement and automate.

Many are still sceptical about this technology since it is in its early phases of development – validating the doubts raised with regards to its potential. This is especially so considering that nothing can quite beat a human marketer’s ability to analyse and get creative. Some strategies cannot be easily formulated through the use of a program. However, what matters most is how this tool can be used effectively moving forward.

So, how did you fare in answering these questions? If you did well, congratulations! Remember that it’s always important to check on your knowledge about the latest trends. This could prove useful for pinpointing opportunities for improvement or expansion in the future.