SEO Success Stories to Inspire Your 2022 Strategy

SEO Success Stories

Millions of businesses are looking for an official guide to SEO and a reliable leader in their industry. The tools that have been tested and have shown incredible SEO success stories for the companies who have utilised them,have led the way for many business leaders to turn to a good SEO campaign strategy to ensure company success.

One of the best ways to learn about SEO is by studying the success stories of other companies. These stories are a great way to inspire your own strategy, and they also show how businesses use SEO tools to achieve their goals. 

Here are some of the most compelling ones that not only helped companies drive sales, but rank higher on search engines and keep customers happy.

Success story 1: Home Depot improved customer experience with search optimisation

Home Depot’s search engine optimisation efforts started in 2010 when they decided to make more money from online sales by improving their search engine rankings. 

They realised that customers were searching for information about products before making a purchase, so Home Depot started optimising their site for those keywords and phrases. 

This resulted in a 10% increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a $200 million increase in annual sales.

Success story 2: Buddy Loans racked up organic traffic by over 30%

Buddy Loans is an Australian-based peer-to-peer lending platform. They wanted to build their brand and reach new customers without spending money on advertising. 

Starting with a website audit, the company found that some key pages were not optimised for search engines (SEO). After fixing these pages, they saw an increase in organic traffic from Google by over 30%. 

This led to more lead generation for Buddy Loans, which allowed them to create greater online visibility and grow their business even further.

Success story 3: A Seattle-based logistics company gained traffic and conversions with PPC (Pay Per Click) management

This logistics company had been struggling online for years. They weren’t showing up on any major search engines and were losing money because of it. 

Even though the team worked with an SEO agency for months, they saw no rewards. Thereafter, the company decided to hire a new agency— one that specialised in PPC management— which led them to see an immediate increase in traffic and conversions by over 300%.

What can we learn from them?

The above stories are all great examples of the value of SEO that included a strong SEO link building strategy. Let’s take a look at what other methods concerning SEO can help businesses cement their online presence, gain more conversions and achieve greater success. SEO can businesses focus on to achieve success and what can be learned along the way.

  • One topic per post – People want answers and solutions to their problems, so write about those things. If you write about multiple topics in one article, people will get confused and click away from your website before finding what they’re looking for.
  • Ensure each post has a clear title – A good title should include keywords that describe what your article is about in just a few words (and no more than 70 characters).
  • Write for humans – It sounds simple enough, but too many people forget this step when writing blog posts or articles. If it doesn’t sound natural when you say it out loud, then it probably won’t sound natural when someone reads it either!

Elevate your business with an SEO campaign strategy you can trust

We hope that the shared success stories have served well enough to inspire you as you set out on your own SEO quest. The truth is, you won’t necessarily get an immediate return on all the efforts. Sometimes, it takes months to see any kind of real payoff, but that does not mean that the optimisations are not performing or that you should cut back on your strategy with organic search marketing SEO. Even if the  real time results are not immediate, with a well driven SEO campaign strategy you can be assured of improved rankings and greater visibility for your products and services on web. Therefore, it surely is worth a try.

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