Top 8 Google Ranking Factors: What REALLY Matters for SEO

Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Google Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization is a set of constantly evolving strategies that help online operations keep up with google ranking. If you are an search engine optimization expert, you always need to keep your knowledge up-to-date about the top google ranking factors to achieve your campaign goals successfully. Here are the top 8 factors that an SEO agency in Singapore needs to follow for a better ranking on Google in 2022.

1. Content Quality

What matters the most when it comes to google ranking is the quality of the content. If your content covers a broad spectrum of relevant subjects, most likely Google will bring your content up in the ranking. You can also add visual content to complement your written facts. However, you should keep in mind that quality always beats quantity when structuring your points.

2. Content Length

There’s no such rule regarding the length of the content as it always depends on the subject. Certain topics can be elaborated on briefly while certain topics require lengthy, informative descriptions. However, having a fair length according to the points that you cover has a better chance of bringing your content up in ranking.

3. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and Information Accuracy

Google’s algorithm is intelligent enough to select between accurate and inaccurate information. Therefore, keenly following the E-A-T method while getting your points factually correct may help Google recognize your content to be credible and pull its rank up. The key is to get the content written by experts on the selected subject.

4. RankBrain

Google RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to comprehend complex search queries to provide users with highly relevant content. The search results that have better relevance to what users browse are recognized by Google, creating the space to come up in ranking.

5. Freshness

Freshness makes everything better. Google is always alert on picking fresh content for higher ranks, as newer articles generally contain the latest update of information. Google Freshness Algorithm was rolled out in 2010 and has constantly prioritized new content over the old artless ever since. Looking at the bigger picture, it is obvious that this feature helps users receive more accurate and up-to-date information according to their queries.

6. Backlinks

Another strong factor that helps your content go up in ranking is the inclusion of backlinks. According to the Google algorithm, the more links your content has, the better its chances to appear among the top search results. However, marketers should be aware that Google is strongly against spam. Therefore, when inserting backlinks, it is crucial to choose reliable, and credible ones to avoid a negative impact on your content.

7. Brand and Domain Power

When boosting the rank of online content, branded searches also play an important role. The websites that have high organic traffic coming from branded searches have a high chance of appearing in the top ranks. What creates effective organic traffic is a strong and constant online presence. The key is to combine brand power with multiple platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Quora, etc. that allow social signals to enhance your content’s visibility in cyberspace.

8. Local SEO and Local Search Results

Google has an algorithm that gives priority to local search results in ranking. They are ranked by relevance, prominence, and distance of the content. If you search for a product online from Singapore, most likely the results would rank the marketplaces in Singapore at the top positions.

What is the Role of Search Engine Optimization Agencies?

There are many agencies specializing in SEO in Singapore. Their main role is to market the online content of different business organizations effectively. In order to get it done right, SEO specialists have to follow the above factors and push their content to the top of Google ranking while aligning with the necessary rules and algorithms.