Myth Busted: Keyword Stuffing is very good for SEO (NOT!)

If you are pumping in all sorts of keywords, repetitive or not, into your website just so your company website ranking will be pushed to the first page of Google, stop immediately! Otherwise, you’re in for a whole lot of hurt, learn why:

  • You end up driving away your own customers

Imagine coming across a website that keeps on repeating the same few words.

Eg. “Looking for cheap luxury branded shoes? We sell the cheapest luxury brand shoes. We have many cheap luxury shoes that you can choose from. These cheap luxury shoes are not knock-offs. Buy these cheap luxury shoes and save money!”

It is obvious that the keywords are “cheap luxury shoes” from the above excerpt, and it is such a turn-off to encounter such a passage when researching online. With such repetitive words, it makes your website very shoddy, making people feel that you are not a legitimate website.

  • Google will inflict a penalty on you

Keyword Stuffing was a technique used by many marketers to beat/cheat the algorithm that Google built. When Google realised such tactics were in play, they developed a new algorithm to oust such websites, to create a level playing field for those who play by the rules.

Google will also penalise such sites by either decreasing your rankings or removing your ads and sites from appearing on its search engine altogether.

Keyword Stuffing may seem to provide a fast result, however, this ‘success’ is shortlived. When people realise the lack of information given to them or how your website is written was to beat Google’s algorithm, they will cease to visit your site.

The best way is to stay clean and be fair, those who don’t will receive their just desserts. If you are unsure of how to prevent Keyword Stuffing on your website, don’t distress oneself.

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