5 Viable Tips In Creating Remarkable Content

The word remarkable can be easily thrown around, yet only a few can achieve it in their works. The same is true with Content. Just think – you have a number of opportunities to get your company’s message out to your audience. How do you plan to make your pieces memorable and impactful? Having good content can be inspiring and will definitely last in the minds of your audience.

Here are five viable tips you can consider as you aim to create remarkable content for your brand:

  1. Know Your Audience’s Values

It can be tempting to fully focus on enhancing keywords and making it a point to rank first on Google. While these are highly viable goals, what most marketers tend to miss out on doing is speaking directly to their audience. One needs to think about the rationale behind why audiences search for certain keywords in the first place. And as you realise what values your customers hold, your communication strategy will gradually become less one-sided.

  1. Make it Share-Worthy

The prevalence of social media platforms no longer comes as a surprise, given the rise of the Digital Age. Both small business owners and major corporations can easily make new Facebook pages. But this does not mean that everyone has had the luck of creating content which leads to millions of views, shares, likes or reacts. One sign of remarkable content is that people can’t help but share it with their friends and colleagues to see. It has to evoke certain feelings and resound with audiences’ values. In fact, some pieces of content could even shake people enough that they end up having threads of discussions about its topic.

  1. Pick Your Placements Wisely

These days, one needs to carry substantial clout to make sure their valuable content get published on the right channels. Many media buyers, communication planners and advertising agencies are in the know as to which places it would be best to place their clients’ content. Keep your ear on the ground and be on the lookout for those prime and strategic pages.

Which ones have the highest Click through Rates? Which channels can bring you more conversions? Content creation is halfway through your journey to reaching out to your audiences. What you will also need is a set of sites which can significantly showcase your pieces.

  1. Get Creative

Ever wondered why some websites stand out more compared to their competitors? The reason is simple. They do not hesitate to break the mould and look different. Just because certain content is made a certain way, it doesn’t mean you will need to follow how things have always been done. Have your own interpretation of a topic in a way that speaks to your audience. This gives you more chances to be seen.

  1. Encourage CTAs

While Calls to Action (CTA) is a favourite term for site owners and businesses, imbibing it with new meaning may inspire potential customers to convert to loyal clients. Encourage them to be engaged in a discussion. Seek your client’s thoughts and make an effort to reward those who grasp what your brand is about. You can even encourage CTAs through promos. Those who give equally remarkable comments can win a prize from you.

There are plenty of ways to come up with truly valuable content. Let these 5 tips get you started, and don’t hesitate to experiment or run AB Tests with what you produce. Content creation is a science, an art and a process which takes time to perfect, but their long-term benefits will surely be worth your efforts.