Organic Search Marketing SEO: 10 Tips in 2022

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SEO marketing has high importance in digital marketing as it is the key to bringing organic traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is a procedure that majorly depends on Google’s algorithms. As Google’s algorithms change often, SEO specialists have to update their SEO strategies frequently to keep their website rankings up. In this article, you are going to learn the top 10 tips to boost your website’s organic traffic in 2022 through search engine optimization.

1. Focus on UX

Google’s new official ranking update ‘Core Web Vitals’ was introduced in 2021. Even though Google’s updates are usually about the content, this is based on the user’s experience (UX). Core Web Vitals mainly depend on the insights: the website’s loading speed, stability, and responsiveness. As Google strives to give the users the best surfing experience, paying adequate attention to improving the UX of your website has a great chance of bringing in organic traffic.

2. Make use of internal links.

Internal links are the key to enhancing the authoritativeness of your website. They link your web page to other related pages, reducing the number of orphaned pages. Adding internal links to the content and directing them to reputed pages through the keywords in your content can increase your website’s organic traffic in 2022. However, you need to be careful not to include internal links excessively and to refrain from adding broken or spam links.

3. Focus on entity-based SEO

Entity-based SEO describes your niche contextually. It mainly focuses on large topics and concepts that let search engines provide accurate results in a matter of seconds. Typically, some of the keywords used in entity-based SEO have multiple meanings. However, thanks to the advancements in semantic search functionality, search engines can now understand what exactly the user is searching for.

4. Recreate blog posts into videos

At present, videos are potentially capable of gaining users’ attention the most. Hence, by including videos instead of photos in your blog posts, you can successfully reach a bigger audience in 2022. Research shows that videos are responsible for a high increase of 157% in organic traffic from SERPs. 

5. Get your content on Google Discover

Google Discover is a personalized AI-driven mobile news feed that resonates with users’ interests and search behavior. It is query-less. It is quite a convenient way to measure visitors’ engagement with the content. Research has shown that websites with content related to sports & entertainment, e-commerce, and hobbies have a high chance of receiving strong engagement. However, to appear on Google Discover, it is a must to produce high-quality, reliable content. 

 6. Update your existing web content

Search engines update their algorithms often. To keep your content on the top of the rankings, you need to update it periodically, even after publishing. As the keywords and the facts you include in your web or blog pages change over time, you must keep up with the latest updates to provide accurate and reliable information to your website visitors and keep the organic traffic rate high.

7. Optimize content for voice search

As technology develops, many have lost their interest in typing. At present, many households own smart devices that are voice-commanded. Optimizing your content for voice search can considerably increase your organic traffic. To do that, try to identify questions your audience asks conversationally. That means people are likely to ask natural-sounding questions which contain long-tail keywords rather than target keywords.

8. Analyze search intent

Search intent is what the users expect to see when they search for something. It is the most important part of search engine optimization. To receive traffic, you need to provide your audience with the accurate information that they intend to receive. The key to doing that is to divide your keywords into 4 categories: informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional based on search intent. This will give you a basic idea of what your target audience expects to find in your article and what content type you should produce.

9. Optimize for technical on-page SEO

On-page SEO should be done intuitively and logically to make the users’ journey a better one from the moment they discover your content on SERPs. Not following on-page SEO can make all your other SEO efforts a failure. A few ways that you can do your on-page SEO are, 

  • Running Page Speed Insights report to detect technical errors
  • Including focus keywords in the titles
  • Using a short and descriptive URL slug
  • Including an optimized meta description
  • Using internal links 

10. Perform SEO site audits

Search engine optimization is merely a pointless series of actions when you don’t keep track of its progress. The key to enhancing your SEO and minimizing errors is conducting regular site audits. By performing site audits, you can identify the ups and downs of your SEO efforts. Hence, you can easily get rid of mishaps such as broken links, broken images, and canonical points to redirect and constantly improve the quality of your content.

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